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Wednesday, 05 Oct 2022


Universal Micro-Ceramic Oil


ECO-Universal Oil Package



The ECO-Universal Oil-Package is ап additive тог the general application. The ECO-Universal Oil-Package is а chemical combination 01 substances from sythetic fatty acids and boundary active organic connections. It was especially developped to reduce wearing 01 lerruginous and non-Ierruginous metals, to reduce friction, as well as to save energy. Contrary to the oil additives, the ECO-Universal Oil-Package chemically connects to the molecules of metallic surfaces and forms а microscopically thin reaction film (protective shield), preventing welding of the Irictioning metal parts. The result is а continuous and complete smoothening of the surfaces. This smoothening leads to ап extraordinary, until today unattained emergency run characteristic and reduction of wearing. The ECO-Universal Oil-Package not only effects а finishing of the metallic surfaces, but also ап optimization and increase of performance 01 lubricants. The alloying with ECO-Universal Oil-Package mау Ье converted to all mineralic, half- and fully-synthetic lubricants. This offers the possibility to improve the constantly rising requirements of the performance of lubricants ог pressure Iluids. This is valid for special cases, but also for overlapping performance requirements. Extraordinary peaks during the run аге easier to control.

The Alloying with ECO-Universal Oil-Package effects:

  • molecular chaining, highest shear strength,
  • по abrassive wearing Ьу forming а chemical reaction film,
  • levelling and smoothening of metallic surfaces, thus: reduction of friction,
  • perceptive increase of tooling times in the metal processing,
  • realisation of higher production times (machines and tools),
  • Increase of pressure- and load-capacities,
  • improvement of oxidation stabily,
  • prevention of oil residues,
  • passivation again external chemical inlluences,
  • improvement of temperature behaviour,
  • optimization 01 cleaning- and dispersing effects,
  • reduction of sounds Ьу smoothening of the metal вцпасев,
  • reduction 01 [оагп- and emulgation-tendency,
  • increase of film-forming and adhesiveness,
  • saving 01 lubricant Ьу prolongation of oil-change intervals,
  • energy saving (power and fuel),
  • reliel for the environment.

While using in engines further advantages result, for example:

  • fuel saving,
  • better engine performance,
  • lower oil consumption,
  • lower exhaust gases,
  • very good emergency run characterist.,
  • cleaning of the inner engine,
  • suitabIe for turbos and catalysts
  • longer lifetime,
  • ideal cold start characteristics,
  • high light-run characteristics,
  • reduction of run-in times of aggregates,
  • prolongation of the oil-exchange intervals,
  • lowering of operational costs.

The ECO-Universal Oil-Package contains по solid lubricants, do not form апу coating; аге completely free
from РСР, РСТ, СТОО, Chlor. Waste as normal mineralic oil.

Application and dosage:
The ECO-Universal Oil-Package offers а broad field of application [ог the use in engines, gears and
hydraulic systems in the metal forming and metal processing.
Mixing to engine oils 5 %
gear oils 5 % (under extreme loads 10 %),
industrial oils, cooling lubricants 5 - 10 %.
hydraulic oils 2-5 % (depending оп load and application)




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