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Wednesday, 05 Oct 2022


Motor Cleaner


Motor - Cleaner



Engine Internal Cleaning

The WAGNER MOTOR - CLEANER is a high-tech-product for cleaning the oil- and lubricant system of engines, gears and oil-depending units. It is a chosen combination of high performance lubricants, cleaning and soilcarrying substances.
Caused by the kind of operation and due to physical conditions, deposits are formed in any power plant. Even by the use of high performance synthetic lubricants, such soilings and deposits cannot be prevented. Negative impacts on performance, smooth run, service life, economy and environment are the results.

Advantages of the Engine Internal Cleaning:

Removes deposits caused by resinations and carbon-buildup of the engine oil, at piston rings, oil wiper rings and
valve stem seals. This means:

- Improvement of compression
- Reduction of wear and tear on piston rings, oil wiper rings and cylinder walls
- Substantially less soot portion in the oil
- Most optimal cold start-up „behaviour“
- Adherence to the prescribed exhaust limit values after § 47a and § 47b, StVZO
- Reduced oil- and fuel consumption
- Secure and optimal oiling at all lubrication fittings
- Maintains and protects all rubber - and plastic sealings

Optimal compression is a condition for the complete combustion of the air - fuel mixture (maximum fuel utilization). This means:
- Full engine performance with smallest fuel need
- Reduction of the exhaust gas values, unburned hydrocarbon HC, carbon monoxide CO, carbon dioxide CO,
nitrogen oxides Nox
- Longer life span of the catalyst
- Contribution to environmental protection
- Saving operational costs

There are no soilings that are advantageous, not even at older engines. Here too it is valid that by the removal of soilings the optimal function can be secured.
Particularly to be recommend with diesel engines, since oil in the diesel engine, due to the very high soot portion generated during combustion, is soiled very fast and heavily.
WAGNER MOTOR - CLEANER takes no influence on the supplying of oils of the prescribed quality, it even improves the lubrication characteristics by high speed lubrication components and has therefore no influence on guaranteeings.

Application and dosage:
Add WAGNER MOTOR - CLEANER old hot engine oil. Thereafter, let the power plant (engine) run for approximately 10 to 15 minutes and carry out the regular oil change afterwards. Please consider: Changing filters is absolutely necessary. One tin (500 ml) is sufficient for an oil amount of up to 8 litres. WAGNER MOTOR - CLEANER may also be applied for all usual oil-operated units, as well as for gears and differentials.
The maximum dosage for application is 1:1 maximum.
WAGNER MOTOR - CLEANER may easily be disposed together with the waste oil and is completely free from kann problemlos mit dem Altöl entsorgt werden, und ist vollständig frei solvents, PCB and chlorine. 









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