Universal Micro-Ceramic Oil

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Universal Micro-Ceramic Oil







Universal - Micro - Ceramic Oil

Universally employable lubricating oil additive for engines and gear oil in the motor vehicle range
Finest Micro-Ceramic particles settle in the metallic friction surface of engines and gears. The active substance is very rapidly transported to the frictionally intensive parts of engines and machines by means of the oil, settles in the uneven patches (protective layer) and is always present as a safety depot in the oil circulation. Caused by the frictional temperature the adhesion of the microdisperse particles on the metallic surface is increased (no film-forming and coating), so that those parts being subject to the most wear are protected to a maximum. Also due to the settling and adhesion of the product to the metallic surface, its surface smoothness increases considerably. Resulting herefrom is an increase in efficiency and power optimization, respectively an increased engine power. Micro-Ceramic lubricates do not mesh with the standard additives and have no influence on the oil quality. The Micro-Ceramic components even take over lubrication if there is no or not yet any oil (for example cold start-up). There is no longer gliding metal on metal, but ceramic on ceramic.

Advantages in the Usage in Engines and Gears:

  • Fuel savings up to 15 %, reduction of friction and wear
  • Protection lasts up to 60,000 km running time or up to 1,000 operational hours
  • High light-run quality, reduction of engine sounds
  • Higher engine power, smooth engine run, lower pollutant discharge
  • Very good emergency run qualities, reduction of engine- and gear-oil temperature
  • Protects during start-up, increases the stability, cleaning of the engine
  • Reduction of engine- and gear wear up to 50 %
  • Reduction of operational costs, improvement of the Vl-performance
  • Lower oil consumption, reduction of oil mudding
  • Smoother gear changes, reduction of gear sounds
  • Increased push receptiveness, longer operational duration

Application and Dispensing:
The Universal - Micro - Ceramic - Oil may be applied to any customary, mineral, synthetic or half-synthetic engine-or gear-oil. It is suitable for turbochargers and catalysts, as well as for wet clutches and wet brakes. Application recommendation: Add approximately 10 % of the oil volume to the engine- and gear oil. Let warm engine run or drive for approximately 10 more minutes. A previous oil- and filter change, as well as the application of an engine cleaner is advantageous. Not suitable for automatic gears.